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My entire team of agents are all Pittsburgh Accredited Home Buyers Real Estate Agents

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"Anyone buying real estate should use a Buyer's Agent"
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Why all buyers should work with an Accredited Buyers Rep (ABR)
When you work with our team, we sign a contract to work for you. With Buyer's Agency, we are not loyal to a particular seller or company. We find you the home of your dreams - PERIOD. We understand the market and are highly skilled advocates and negotiators for you. We have nearly 30 years of combined experience and are full time professionals.

Do agents who show me homes represent me?
NO... unless you have a written agreement with a Buyer's Agent. Agents who list property have a contract with the sellers to represent them. All other agents MUST represent the seller as well, unless you have a written Agency Agreement with a real estate professional to represent only your best interest.

My agent says she "technically" represents the seller,
but says she will be fair and "take care of me." Is this true?

Most agents are nice to buyers since they want to make a sale. If you are not working with a Buyers Agent, the agent will not tell you if a property is overpriced or how to negotiate the best price. Since the seller has professional representation, you should too. We negotiate only in the best interest of you, the home buyer.

If a Buyer's Agent can save me money, why can't other agents?
Agents who represent sellers are obligaed to sell the property for the highest price, and also inform the seller if you are willing to pay a higher price. Only a Buyer's Agent always works in the best interest of the home buyer.

Does a Buyer's Agent have access to all the resources of other agents?
Absolutely! We can show you all homes listed throughout Western PA. Since we represent you, we regularly show homes that are "for sale by owner" and "for sale by builder".

How do I enter into a Buyer's Agent relationship, so I am represented?
You establish a relationship with us by signing a buyer's agency agreement. This agreement was created by the Association of Realtors and makes us legally accountable to you!

What happens if I want to make an offer on one of Arlene’s listings?
This is a positive situation for both parties. This is a relationship where one of our agents, with your written consent, acts as the agent for both buyer and seller. Both parties continue to enjoy the benefits of confidentiality and loyalty. Additionally we have the duty to continue to find other homes for the buyer and other buyers for the listing. Since we know both parties and are expert at negotiating, we can often find the best terms for both.

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